Devotion WING

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Devotion to the Lord is only a form of discipline to reach the goal. Seekers should not stop with acquisition of devotion; they should pay attention not so much to the devotion or love that they have toward the Lord but to the love and grace that the Lord bestows on them! They must be always eager to find out which behavior, what acts will be most pleasing to the Lord, will fill the Lord with bliss (ananda). Inquire about that, yearn for that, carry out the things that will secure that objective, be engaged in acts conducive to gain it, that is real devotion (bhakthi).  - Sri Sathya Sai Baba (Gita Vahini, Ch. 21)

Devotion cannot be confined to observances like worship, pilgrimages or going to temples. These are merely actions indicative of devotion. There is a power which provides a basic impulse for these actions. That is the love of God. Bhakti means Paripurna Prema (total love). This love is motiveless. Love based on a motive cannot be real love. As a river seeks to join the ocean by a natural impulse, as a creeper winds itself naturally around a tree to climb upwards, the devotee's love is a spontaneous expression of the yearning to realize God, free from worldly desires of any kind.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba (SSS Speaks Vol. 21/Ch. 26, Sept. 15, 1988)