(Geetha Vahini exploration)

Awaken. wisdom. experience. (a.w.E)

With Divine grace, SSSIO - USA Region 5 (North Central) has initiated a virtual Satsang series beginning a profound journey into the depths of the Geetha Vahini. This recurring series is set to convene on the first Sunday of each month with Dr. Suresh Govind (member of the Prashanthi Council and Chairman of the Sri Sathya Sai Scriptural Studies Committee of the SSSIO), from Malaysia, being the guest facilitator. ALL ARE WELCOME! 

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Episode : 1      The Modern Day Arjuna

Session-1 emphasized the importance of bolstering mental resilience, drawing parallels with technology updates for navigating life's intricacies effectively. Surrendering to the wisdom of the Geetha was likened to trusting a pilot during a flight—an act of allowing guidance toward serenity and joy. Practical strategies and takeaways emerged to aid this transformative path. Participants were encouraged to maintain a "complaint jar" to monitor and diminish habitual grievances, a tangible method to foster a positive mindset. Emphasis on vigilance over thoughts, steering away from negativity towards joy, further strengthened these strategies. This exercise aims to heighten awareness and nurture a more positive perspective. The participants were also encouraged to mindfully make note of aspects that are deflecting them from being happy. 

Listen to Episode -1 Recap Podcast here.

Here is the recording of the first inspirational Circle Series. 

Episode : 2   Becoming A student 

In “Episode 2: Becoming a Student", the core focus revolved around adopting the student's role within the spiritual journey. Expanding on the prior exploration of Geetha Vahini and Arjuna's challenges, the session emphasized embracing a student's mindset. Discussions centered on Arjuna as the iconic seeker, reflecting the doubts and challenges encountered along the spiritual path. Throughout, divinity (Krishna) was highlighted as the ultimate guide, steering individuals toward understanding, unity, and enlightenment. The session integrated activities, reflections, and shared experiences to underscore the significance of maintaining mental vigilance, fostering a receptive attitude towards learning, and relinquishing personal inclinations. Moreover, homework was assigned, prompting introspection on "How can we make this Universe a University?"—encouraging internal exploration to discover opportunities for learning within ourselves, our friends, family, and environment.

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Here is the recording of Episode - 2!

homework : Episode 2

What and how can we learn from everything around us?  Becoming a Student and Spirit of Surrender --- for our internal review to look for opportunities to learn from ourselves, our friends & family, our environment...our Universe!

Episode : 3     FLIP THE SWITCH

This episode was all about changing our POV (Point Of View). This was a continuation of Chapter 2 in Gita Vahini which describes Arjuna’s apprehensions of the war . While Arjuna could see the war only as “killing of near and dear ones”, Lord Krishna helped him elevate his thought process and see it as his DUTY to uphold Dharma. As an attempt to understand and implement this concept in our day-to-day life, some realistic and relatable problems were shared. The discussions around them helped us understand how just changing our POV could help us win over our inner turmoils and gain triumph over situations that challenge our inner peace. The session included smaller group discussions to reflect on previous episode’s assignment - lessons learnt from our surroundings / the Universe. Our collaborative session ended with reminding people to take that much needed pause before any crisis, understand there is something within that needs to be flipped and embrace it with open arms.

Watch Episode - 3 recording here!

Podcast link - here!

homework : Episode 3

Let us use the strategies learned to "Flip the Switch" and observe every situation from a different perspective! 

Episode : 4     knock-out your challenges

 Episode 4 is all about Knocking out your challenges using the strategies learned thus far! We introduced a step by step process to integrate the tools learned from the previous three sessions, and leaned-in to the lived experiences of participants to identify how participating in AWE has helped address challenges we face in life. Three participants shared challenges they faced - within themselves, at a a professional work environment and at home. They shared strategies used to identify their problem, analyzing the underlying lesson to be learnt from it and finally flipping the switch and using their Atmic lens to view and solve their problem. 

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Session recording : click here

Episode :5 Revealing the hidden treasure

In the whispers of the Geetha we find 

A friend emerging beyond the realms of time.  

Eternal: like the stars that grace the night,

Unmanifest: yet ever-present, in our inner light.

⁠Indestructible: against life's fleeting sway,

⁠Immeasurable: beyond what words convey.

⁠Immovable: amidst the storms that roar,

Steadfast as an anchor, in both our highs and lows.

⁠Join us now as we open the treasure trove

⁠Discovering the soul as our friend, like never before.

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Episode :6 "eternal" : lasting Impact

In unraveling the soul, eternal and profound, 

We pondered a legacy, enduring and sound.

In a week we meet to share insights from a month bygone.

Listen to this 'pod on demand; for another episode soon to dawn. 

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Session recording : click here 

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Episode :7      game on : be indestructible

Join us this Sunday, June 2nd, at 6 PM CT/ 7 PM ET/ 4 PM PST for Episode 7 of A.W.E. series.

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